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Dead eyes still see
CD recorded in August 2006 but unreleased until spring 2009.
Dead eyes still see Cover
  1. Darkness
  2. Dead by dreams
  3. Creation of this world
  4. Blood for the cross
  5. Summon the northern wind
  6. Medieval submission
  7. The final constellation
  8. Scrolls of the ancient spells
For this album the best 3 songs from the second demo have been re-recorded. But Dödande Tanken didn`t turn out that well, so we didn`t put it on the album. We might use it on Myspace.
MiniCD recorded in December 1999/January 2000.
Baalpriku Cover
  1. Das Missmutsbekenntnis
  2. As the fog creeps
  3. Sea of stars
  4. Travel
  5. Through coldness and spheres I strive
With deepest regrets we apologize for that totally fucked up "Coverartwork???" and promise that the responsible person will never do any design stuff for ASARU again. After all we had the choice between pressing the CD with this shit or having no CD on the release concert. The second choice would have been far better.
Second demo recorded in December 1997
Darkness Cover
  1. The darkened angel
  2. Darkness
  3. Schattenkind
  4. Dödande tanken
  5. Eternity
  6. Scrolls of the ancient spells
In 2002 both demotapes were remastered and put on one CD called History. Surprisingly now the first demo got a better soundquality.
Dangers Of Magical Artifacts In Night
First demo recorded in October 1996.
D.O.M.A.I.N. Cover
  1. Eternal battles
  2. Wasted
  3. This life on earth
  4. Ewiger Schlaf
  5. Vinternatt
The very first edition of this tape contained a sixth song: In wait for the lord