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ASARU was formed in autumn 1995 by me (Frank Nordmann, G/V) and Dorian Kremer (B). Together with Robert Buth (D) and Sebastian Schmall (K) the line-up was completed. Due to a serious arm injury Dorian had to be replaced by Alexander Schmidt in summer 1996. Around that time ASARU decided to add a second guitar and Marcus Hellström joined the band. In October 1996 the first demo, D.O.M.A.I.N. was recorded. A few months later Marcus left ASARU again. The second demo, Darkness was recorded in December 1997, featuring Ruth Knepel for the first time on the song "Schattenkind". In 1998 Torsten Hirsch joined on guitar. After many months without a rehearsal room Alex, Basti and me continued with Mick (G) and Andreas Goericke (D). In winter 1999/2000 the EP Baalpriku had to be recorded with programmed drums and I played all the instruments except Ruth`s voice on "Sea of Stars" and "Travel". Right after the recordings Mick got replaced by Marius "Zosch" Volz who gave the guitar position to Thilo Feucht in spring 2001. In the winter of 2003/2004 Andy had to go and ASARU finally found Heiko Heil to take over on drums. At that time the RUNNING WILD song "Black Hand Inn" was recorded. You can find it on the RW tribute sampler "The Revivalry". In August 2006 the longplayer "Dead Eyes Still See" was recorded and strictly hidden from the public. In March 2007 ASARU performed their last gig and I moved to Norway. Since then ASARU had no current line-up anymore and was put on ice (again). But in late 2008 a contract with ARTicaz records was signed to bring out the latest album.

In october 2009 I decided to continue with Varulvdrummer Sebastian (Slach) Wilkins. In february 2010 we added Odd-Petter Corleone Wulff (Last to remain, Fatal demeanor, etc) on bass.

-- Frank, February 2010

Past Gigs

11.6.2010 - Oslo / Norbikers MC

28.5.2010 - Oslo / Norbikers MC

30.1.2010 - Oslo / Norbikers MC

03.03.2007 - Darmstadt / Goldene Krone
with Agathodaimon and Hands of Fate

13.1.2007 - Erlenbach am Main / Jugenhaus
Brutal Brutality Festival with Koldbrann, Mor Dagor, Legio Mortis, Engraved, Artis, and Sevitia

18.11.2005 - Sulzbach / JuZe
with Deadspawn (D) and Shadowbuilder (S)

19.11.2005 - Speyer / Halle 101
with Misanthropic, Aaskereia, Hands Of Fate, Grotesque Impalement, and Unlight.

2.10.2005 - Mühltal (Darmstadt) / Steinbruch Theater
10 Years Asaru with Membaris and Morrigan

30.4.2005 - Darmstadt / Krone
with Nocte Obducta, Hands Of Fate, and Hagatyr

07.12.2004 - Münster near Dieburg / Live Arena
mit Watain and Dissection

19.06.2004 - Aalen / Rockt It
mit Agathodaimon and Delusive Dawn

17.04.2004 - Münster near Dieburg / Live Arena
Nightfall Festival with Legacy Of Darkness, Hands of Fat e, Karkadan, and Mystic Circle

11.04.2003 - Hanau / Audion
mit Hands of Fate and Misanthropic

08.02.2003 - Münster near Dieburg / Live Music Arena
No-Gnade-Festival with Abandoned, Zeroed, and Bösedeath

25.01.2003 - Alzey / Oberhaus
with Misanthropic and Hands of Fate

20.12.2002 - Darmstadt / Öttinger Villa
Winter-Solstice-Festival with Unlight, Hands of Fate, Misanthropic, and Obscurity

19.10.2002 - Wien / Planet Music
with Agathodaimon

26.07.2002 - Mainz / Haus der Jugend
with Misanthropic and Hands of Fate

13.07.2002 - Speyer / Halle 101
with The Legacy, Unlight, and Hands of Fate

24.05.2002 - Nieder-Olm / Juz
with Dark Infinity and Nekroshine

16.01.2002 - Frankfurt (Main) / Spritzenhaus
with Satanic Wizard

23.12.2001 - Mühltal / Steinbruch
with Fenfire and Purify

09.11.2001 - Offenbach / Hafenbahn
with Agathodaimon, Dracena, and Insignium

14.07.2001 - Speyer / Halle 101
with Unlight, Evil, and Brightness

12.05.2001 - Frankfurt (Main) / Nachtleben
with Obscurity

05.05.2001 - Nieder-Olm / Juz
with Dark Infinity and Change of Mind

12.03.2001 - Darmstadt / Eledil
with Fenfire

09.11.2000 - Karlsruhe / Kulturruine
with Askareia

30.10.2000 - Wiesloch / Freibadclub
with Seraphim, Igzorn, Schädel, and Lycantrophia

16.09.2000 - Wiesloch / Freibadclub
with Hands of Fate and Penetralia

12.08.2000 - Hammersbach / Summix open Air
with Devil´s Cry, Hands of fate, Melancho Mobileè, and NHA

21.06.2000 - Mühltal / Steinbruch
with Agathodaimon and Hands of fate

05.04.2000 - Bayreuth / KOMM
with Devil´s Cry

25.03.2000 - Hammersbach / Juz
with Hands of Fate, Creanna, and Eternal Pain

22.12.1999 - Mühltal / Steinbruch
with Agathodaimon

13.05.1998 - Mühltal / Steinbruch
with Nocte Obducta

21.02.1998 - Darmstadt / Oetinger Villa
with Another Perfect Day, No Credits Left, and Nocte Obducta

06.09.1997 - Sulzheim
with Agathodaimon, Shark Rage, and others

26.07.1997 - Annaberg-B. / Club Chicago
with Krig and Cryptic Wintermoon

06.12.1996 - Darmstadt / Huette
mit Astaroth