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Frank: I am the founder and mastermind of ASARU. Playin' guitar and vocals.
Seb: A young drumming machine with the energy of a jet engine.
Odda: With his expierience and eternal passion for metal, he`s doing a great job on the bass.
Alex: He plays a wall of a bass guitar and bangs his curly head off like no one else.
Basti: Exactly the right keyboarder for ASARU. He doesn't overload the songs with unnecessary shit and has a great voice.
Thilo: A brilliant guitarist! Definitely able to play every kind of music.
Heiko: Blastronaut! Absolutely the fastest drummer I ever worked with. He can easily play a tempo we almost can't follow anymore.
Dorian: As a founding member he still belongs to the heart of ASARU. He brought me together with Robert, Basti and Alex.
Robert: He played the drums on the demos at the age of 15/16 in a quality that many others never reach in their whole life.
Ruth: The best female vocals you can get in Darmstadt.
Zosch: Probably the best musician ever to play in ASARU. His first instrument is the violin and he also plays the piano very well.
Marcus: The first one of all the ex-guitarists. Now he's the songwriter of a stoner rock band called BUSHFIRE.
Mick: A good guitarist with a real dark attitude.
Andy: A creative drummer who is very quick in learning song structures.
Torsten: Beside being known as the vocalist in NOCTE OBDUCTA, he's also a good guitarist. Now he has his own band AGRYPNIE.
-- Frank, February 2010